About YWL

Our Mission

The Young Women's League of New Canaan is a group of dedicated women who are committed to enriching the community through volunteer service and fundraising efforts. The League's mission is threefold:
  • To organize opportunities for Members to serve various charitable organizations;
  • To fundraise for the purpose of distributing grants; and
  • To promote the social, cultural, and educational interests of our Members.

Our Results

Since The Young Women's League was founded in 1973, we have worked with more than 150 Fairfield County charitable organizations and donated thousands of volunteer hours to the community.  Since 2001, our Charitable Giving Fund has awarded more than $1 million to local 501(c)(3) organizations.  The League's tradition of community service continues to help numerous organizations in need, as well as established local institutions to provide services to area residents.

YWL History
In 1973 a group of women who were determined to make a difference came together in an organized effort known as the “Young Women’s League of New Canaan, Inc.”, a 501(c)(3) charity.
The meetings began in the living rooms of these foresighted women. They decided that they would accomplish three things: to raise money each year to give it all away to deserving 501(c)(3) charities, to provide hours of volunteerism throughout the lower Fairfield area, and to come together to benefit socially and culturally from programs and special speakers.

These women did far more than accomplishing their goals. They set up an organization of giving and caring which provided a wonderful place where women could come together and, in the process, positively change their lives and those of others along the way.  Today, YWL members meet four times a year (September, November, March & June) for general meetings, socialize at events, volunteer at local organizations, and run YWL sponsored events.  

The accomplishments of the Young Women’s League can never be measured.  How can one measure the moment a family sits down to enjoy a beautiful holiday meal that they otherwise might not have had?  Or how happy a child is when given a warm coat for the winter provided by the donations of a YWL Member?   Men, women, and children benefit from the services and educational programs granted by the YWL fundraising efforts.   YWL members feel connected to the community, connected to our membership and confident that they are making a difference where it is needed the most.  Finding fulfillment in giving to others is what our members have come to love about the organization. 

The YWL is a special place: we give; we gift; and we educate others to do the same. YWL members continue to provide help and support to those in need through strong and through weak economic times. 

The members of the YWL are proud of our efforts. We are thankful for the women who came together with an idea to create an organization that could accomplish so much from the fellowship of one another’s company.   We have come quite a long way since then, yet not forgotten where we started, and not swayed from the goal of making a difference in our community.

Young Women's League of New Canaan, Inc. -- P.O. Box 981, New Canaan, CT 06840

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